Q-MAX Supply Chain (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Q-Max supply chain was established in 2013 and determined the core value、mission and vision of our enterprise in 2014. 


Q-Max supply chain co., LTD. Sincerely serve for you, welcome new and old customers to come to negotiate, cooperation!

Why choose q-max supply chain

  • Close service

    Free tailor-made reasonable transportation plan free for customers to provide full goods according to the service professional
  • High clearance rate

    Global 150 excellent agents, stable cooperation 6 years domestic/foreign customs clearance capacity up to 99%, professional customs clearance team
  • Safe and efficient

    The process is convenient, door to door one-stop service, the company integrates a number of fast land, sea and air logistics companies
  • Price to sell

    One-time charges, no charges midway, customs, lost goods, loss of goods quickly make claims, customs clearance time delay, reduce all freight

International air

International air transport with its fast, safe, on time efficiency to win a considerable market, greatly shorten the delivery period, with the characteristics of fast, mobile, is the international trade center valuables, spot goods and precision instruments transport is not the way. However

International express

Major express complementary advantages, including USP, DHL, FEDEX, TNT
UPS: founded in 1907 as a Courier company in the United States
DHL express: the world's no. 1 shipping and contract logistics provider

International shipping

International Ocean Freight is the most important mode of transportation in International trade, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total volume of International trade, and most of China's import and export goods were transported by sea.